We need good ideas

To the Editor:

In his June 13 letter to the editor, Alan Schultze says drag races at the Fairmont airport would be all right if it’s just a matter of inconveniencing people with aircraft there.

It’s not. The way the airport is laid out, there’s no way to do it without effectively closing it down. There are two intersecting runways, the main one that’s a bit over a mile and a crossing runway that’s a bit over a half a mile. There’s only one taxiway that’s of any length, and that runs the length of the main runway, between it and the hangars and ramp.

Either you close a runway, which means closing both for safety’s sake, or you close the taxiway. If you close the taxiway, what do you do with aircraft that land and want to drop off or pick up people at the terminal? Sorry, but drag races are a bad idea at the airport for very good reasons. We may need new ideas, but we need good ones.

Jay Maynard