Et Cetera …

Campus marks 10 years

We add our congratulations to Presentation College’s Fairmont campus, which is celebrating being part of the community for 10 years. The campus has grown to 135 students and 15 instructors, with the nursing program being the biggest draw.

Presentation, which rents space at the Southern Minnesota Educational Campus, formerly Central School, has helped bring some life to town in the form of young people, and is giving those young people some valuable skills to serve in the health care industry.

Tough now, great later

With the Highway 169 reconstruction project looming over them, residents of Blue Earth may be feeling a little overwhelmed these days. This may apply double to businesses along the highway that wonder how customers will ever find them. That’s a pretty daunting prospect for a whole summer.

While we can understand and sympathize, the roadwork must proceed. The disruption caused will be replaced in a few months by wonderful new infrastructure that will last for decades. We hope the perspective helps.

Renovation looks great

Mayo Clinic Health System-Fairmont has completed the renovation of its infusion therapy department, meaning the facility is more attractive and more user-friendly for patients receiving chemotherapy, dialysis or other treatment via IV.

The department has also been centrally located, with the oncologist’s office across the hall, along with two exam rooms and a consultation room.

Kudos to the local fundraising campaigns that generated $245,000 for the project. Mayo likewise kicked in a similar amount.