Et Cetera …

Worth taking a look

The Prairieland waste-processing facility in Truman is considering a new arrangement with Green Photon Power, a worldwide company that helps other firms deal with all forms of waste.

Prairieland could diversify into plasma gasification and become a plastics bottling plant. This could help make the facility – owned by Martin and Faribault counties – profitable and create jobs.

Will this all work out? We don’t know. But it’s worth pursuing.

Ag program celebrates

We congratulate Fairmont Area Schools’ agriculture program, which includes FFA, for a successful first year. Ag students recently celebrated the anniversary and thanked the program’s many sponsors for their contributions.

Ag Academy is a true community effort, with 65 private individuals and businesses providing the funding – $300,000 to operate the program for three years.

We know the program is benefitting students who envision futures in ag-related jobs. It also offers knowledge and leadership skills to those who do not.

Some results were good

The 2013 Minnesota legislative session wrapped up earlier this week. We offered our basic view on Wednesday: DFL lawmakers raised taxes unnecessarily to strengthen the nanny state.

There were a few good results, which we should mention.

o The State Capitol building will get funding for necessary renovations.

o Heavy-handed, intrusive changes in gun laws were defeated.

o Schools have been left to handle bullying on their own, something they are quite capable of doing.

o There will be no hike in the minimum wage, meaning preservation of jobs.

Remember those lost

Communities in the Fairmont area are holding Memorial Day events on Monday. It is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. armed forces.

We hope area residents will consider attending a local service, to pay their respects to the men and women who have guaranteed our freedom over the centuries.

If we could add just one other suggestion: Find a young person and take them along to a ceremony. Let them know that the day has meaning beyond the beginning of summer vacation.