It’s about more than fishing

To the Editor:

Fairmont Lakes Foundation has hosted a fishing tournament for the past 13 years. It has involved around 100 people each year; so over 13 years the tournament has touched many lives. Father-and-son teams have won the tournament, best friends team up to win, husband and wives, all have fished for fun, the love of fishing and, of course, giving to a cause that promotes Fairmont lakes restoration and stewardship.

Those of you who fish or go on that annual fishing trip each year understand the memories it creates. This is why so many fishing trips become annual events. The memories, spending time with family and friends are more important than the fishing. I have always known this to be true but this year while preparing for the annual Fairmont Lakes Foundation Fishing Tournament, I was reminded of just how true it is and the importance of the bonds created.

We received some very unfortunate news. One of our longtime tournament participants, Jason Radunz, passed away after a lengthy battle with a lung disease two weeks before the tournament. Jason and his good friend were signed up for this year’s tournament. They were to be team 34. Jason’s wife, Jean, called me a week before the tournament to tell me about Jason. She explained to me how much Jason loved fishing in the tournament with his friends and that he was looking forward to this year’s tournament. Jean also told me that the tournament was something Jason enjoyed so much that he asked to have memorials given in his name to the Fairmont Lakes Foundation Fishing Tournament.

His good friends Ben Mollen and Jason Manley fished as team 34. Friday night at the rules meeting before the tournament, Jason’s family presented a substantial donation to the Fairmont Lakes Foundation Fishing Tournament. I know the other 47 teams that left the dock Saturday morning understood the day would be about much more than “just fishin.” Thank you so much to Jason and his family for the support of Fairmont Lakes Foundation.

Mike Humpal

Fairmont Lakes Foundation