What about those who enabled killer doctor?

It is difficult to read about what went on for years in Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic in Philadelphia without being horrified, sickened and outraged. Gosnell is about to be made to pay for his crimes – but what about those who enabled him?

Gosnell has been convicted of murdering three babies he delivered alive, then dispatched by using a pair of scissors to cut their spinal cords. A jury in Philadelphia also found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the drug-overdose death of one of his patients.

Gosnell’s defenders claim he was merely helping poor women who had nowhere else to turn. His practice netted him about $1.8 million a year. Jurors now must consider how to punish Gosnell. He could be sentenced to death.

But a grand jury investigating his clinic last year determined Gosnell was given any number of breaks by local and state health officials who should have shut his clinic down years ago. It was relatively well known he performed abortions – many of them – after the 24-week limit set in Pennsylvania law.

What about public officials who had at least inklings of what Gosnell was doing, but refused to stop him? They too need to be brought to justice.