Et Cetera …

Groups work together

The Martin County Arena at the fairgrounds is an important local facility. It buzzes with activity during the hockey season, and is useful in other ways throughout the year.

With the arena facing some drainage problems, we are glad to see various entities – the fair board, the local hockey association, the city and the county – contributing to a solution.

With everybody pitching in with dollars or in-kind services, it sounds like the problem, and potential problems, will be solved without biting any group too hard.

A unique opportunity

We add our congratulations to Seth and Elizabeth Lintelman, who have been awarded the Cup N’ Saucer Cafe in Sherburn through an economic development contest. Seth Lintelman is a former Fairmont resident.

Whether the duo can make a go of it in Sherburn remains to be seen. But they have impressive credentials and seem enthused about the prospect. We wish them luck.

Kudos to Martin County Economic Development Authority for taking this unique approach to filling a storefront.

Big job that helps others

Friday was Child Care Provider Appreciation Day across the nation. It recognizes those who devote countless hours and seemingly boundless energy to the rather important task of taking care of other people’s children.

Without these providers – there are 65 in the Fairmont area – it would be nearly impossible for some families to be two-income households.

There are a lot of strains and regulations that go along with being a child care provider. A?lot of joys too, we’re sure. We thank providers for all they do and wish them well in the coming year.

Fairmont ranks high

We congratulate Fairmont Area High School for achieving a solid ranking in the latest US?News and World Report’s look at 18,000 schools nationwide. Fairmont was placed at 2,043.

The study looked at overall performance: on state tests, among disadvantaged subgroups and on college-level coursework.

We hope Fairmont Area will use these kinds of results to continue to promote itself throughout the region. Excellent schools and excellent programs offer opportunities not only to students within the district’s boundaries, but to outside students who want more than they are getting now.