Public market in Fairmont?

To the Editor:

A public market called NewBo City Market opened in October 2012 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and I work there. They have created a destination that is not only a food outlet, but also a source of entertainment and a place for community gathering. Having grown up in Fairmont, I got to thinking, would this be something fun for Fairmont?

A public market combines a traditional farmers market along with artists and craftspeople, food vendors, musicians, jewelers and varied community events. With its year-round availability, the NewBo City Market offers consumers access to products directly from farmers and local food producers even in the off-season. Open three days a week, the market houses permanent and temporary vendors, and the outdoor space lends itself to performers, concerts, outdoor farmers market, a learning garden and children’s play area.

Having a public market something like this in Fairmont could bring the community alive in so many ways. With the area’s producers, the people, the five lakes that are right here in town and the “local food” movement currently sweeping the country, the opportunity is here.

Fairmont could be the fun and friendly destination to leisurely stroll with your family or meet up with friends. We can create jobs with this concept and we can create that “destination place” for visitors and people in our area.

Please think about it. There is a small group that already jsd started this conversation. If you have any thoughts or ideas, we would love to hear them. Please respond to Linda Meschke from Rural Advantage at (507) 238-5449.

Mari Graville Phelan

Cedar Rapids, Iowa