‘Gypsy Way’ opens downtown

FAIRMONT – The Gypsy Way recently opened on Downtown Plaza, offering an eclectic variety of items in a casual setting.

“That’s our mascot,” said proprietor Kathy Clymer, pointing to a small dog lounging next to the cash register.

The establishment is located in the former Salvation Army thrift store building, but Clymer is quick to clarify The Gypsy Way is not a thrift store.

Technically, for tax purposes, it is a department store, since there are multiple sellers set up within the space. Their wares include redesigned furniture in a shabby chic style, antiques, bath salts and sugar rubs, hand-crafted scarves, quilts, scrapbooking supplies and more. Clymer herself sells new clothing, shoes, handbags, lingerie and jewelry.

“I have eight people now, and we have room for two more,” she said, noting that if she has enough interest in people wanting to rent space to sell something, she will expand to the basement.

She is also adding a fresh coat of paint upstairs, and she is willing to rent out the space.

Clymer, who lives in Northrop, was previously selling lingerie online, and she started “Thrifty Mommas” on Facebook, for moms who are trying to sell something.

“If you are a business that’s just starting out, this is the place for you,” she said.

For more information, Clymer can be reached at (507) 327-3291.