Celebrating 40 years …

To the Editor:

Community Options and Resources (COR) is taking this opportunity to recognize the hard work and dedication of our founders and their supporters, and the milestones achieved along the way to the first day of providing services as Friendship Haven in Sherburn. In doing this, we are taking time to celebrate 40 years of incorporation.

In the spring of 1973, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Petersen wrote a letter/article “A Gigantic Step?” In it, Loren and Lillian explained their intent to establish an “interdenominational home site in Sherburn for the physically and mentally handicapped of Martin and surrounding counties.” The document included a thank you to the Sherburn-Trimont Knights of Columbus for their generous gift offer to get this mission promoted. The document stated, “We have traveled, the past few weeks, to every town and city in Martin County, the town of Alpha, and have received much encouragement.” And so, the mission of the Petersen’s began …

The first board meeting was held Saturday, March 10, 1973. The purpose was “to establish a residential home in this area for the handicapped and retarded.” The incorporation of Friendship Haven was recorded April 6, 1973.

Over the next few months, the Petersens continued their efforts to raise money to make their mission and dream a reality.

The “breaking of ground” took place Nov. 4, 1973, with these words, “In the presence of these friends, we now direct that ground be broken for Friendship Haven, a home for handicapped at Sherburn, Minnesota.”

We break this ground today:

o that a home may rise where our “special ones” can share, laugh, rest and be happy.

o that a home may rise here from which each may go forth to work or to learn each day, according to their individual ability.

o that a home may rise here where family and friends may visit and share their love.

o that a home may rise here where strong will help the weak, and where the weak will thank the strong.

o that a home may rise here where people will learn how to give as well as to receive.

o that a home may rise here, where “special ones” may help each other, where privileges are given and where responsibilities are accepted.

o that a home may rise here where joys and sorrows may be shared, and an atmosphere of peace will surround.

o that a home may rise here and that the whole community may learn compassion and love.

Natalie Knickrehm

Community Options and Resources