This event should go on

To the Editor:

We were disturbed by the article in the April 17 edition about Boys and Girls County that included information from Martin County Veterans Service Officer Doug Landsteiner.

The students involved in the event meet in the security building basement, where officials from the county explain their jobs. The students then tour the offices within the courthouse, security building and library.

At noon, county commissioners are invited to a lunch. American Legion auxiliaries from Fairmont, Ceylon, Sherburn, Welcome, Trimont, Truman and Northrop serve bars, cookies, pizza and pop.

After lunch, the boys and girls tour the county shop and jail.

The schools have standardized tests on the week of Boys/Girls County, which is held on the day (Tuesday) that county commissioners meet. Yes, it is a “government day” for students, but their wearing of torn jeans isn’t a problem from our perspective; they wear these to church. And we have not seen T-shirts with “Whatever” printed on them, as suggested by one Martin County commissioner.

The Martin County Commission is thinking of foregoing the day because Mr. Landsteiner couldn’t figure out a date to host Boys/Girls County. There is not a problem with interest. In 2012, we served 38 students. In 2011, it was 28 students. In 2010, it was 27 students.

We have long been Auxiliary members. When Mr. Ray Ritz and Mr. Reggie Worlds were Veterans Service officers, there was time for students to learn about our local government. Do we need a change at the office?

Grace Gerken, membership chair

Ardyce Meyer, Unit 36 president

Fairmont Legion Auxiliary