Truman plans mini golf course

TRUMAN – On a hot summer day in Truman, you are likely to find who you are looking for at the pool.

Located on the south end of town, the swimming pool is next to the campground, baseball field and softball diamond. It has become a community gathering spot.

“Everyone goes to the pool to socialize, but they don’t all want to swim,” says resident Laurie Sherman.

That fact prompted her and former City Council member Faith Clow to begin brainstorming about how to enhance the area.

“I love the pool,” Sherman said, “and there is a great big grassy area [next to it].”

Sherman hit upon the idea of a mini-golf course, and Clow agreed, putting into motion what became a slow but steady push toward making the attraction a reality.

The City Council recently approved moving forward with the project. Clow hopes to see a groundbreaking by May.

The course will be a nine-hole concrete structure measuring 100 yards by 100 yards, designed for minimum maintenance.

Clow, who heads the pool commission, hopes the course will bring in additional revenue for the city, which spends about $30,000 per year to operate the pool.

Sherman expects the project to cost about $25,000, and she and Clow have been seeking donations, in cash and in kind. Excavation is being donated, as well as some brick.

Companies will have an opportunity to purchase sponsorship signs, which will be placed on the course.

The city also is accepting donations of putters and other items.

Clow said the city has authorized her to look into using funds from the Vaughan estate, which is dedicated for park and recreation purposes, but city leaders would like to see as much money raised as possible.

The course will not require additional staff, as lifeguards will be responsible for getting players their putters and balls.

Clow said admission rates have not been set, but she expects them to fall in the $2 to $3 range. Pool admission is $3.50 per day.

“We would like to keep it affordable,” Clow said.

And if trends hold, the course could bring in people from surrounding communities. It is not unusual for people from outside Truman to sign up for swimming lessons there, and then come back as the summer goes on.

“I am surprised how many people come from other communities,” she said.

Those with questions can call Laurie Sherman at (507) 236-6817 or Faith Clow at (507)?236-5204.