Class providing help looking back

FAIRMONT – What is your history? Whether you can you trace your family bloodline back to the 1800s or if you barely know your first cousins, a genealogy class Monday can help you get started.

The free class is being held at 6 p.m. at the Martin County Library in Fairmont.

“With the class, we’ll start with how to start, how they can use,” said Carol Madsen of the Martin County Genealogy group.

Nothing is required for the class, but participants are encouraged to take notes and even bring some birth dates and records they want to research.

“I expect some other members of our genealogy group will be on hand to help answer questions,” Madsen said.

“In a lot of other places, libraries have this kind of information,” said Martin County Library director Jenny Trushenski. “We’re very fortunate to have this group available, because they have that information. When we have people come into the library trying to do this kind of research, I refer them to the group.”

“People want to do family research, and the library gave lots of its resources to the museum,” Madsen said.

Tracking down ancestry has been on the increase in recent years.

“With people moving all over the place, it does make it harder for them to trace back,” Madsen said. “I’m fortunate in that my base is in Martin County. I can be out and see someone and identify them as my third cousin.”

Age gaps and long-ago family rifts also can create “brick walls.”

“You can always send letters, or try contacting them online,” Madsen suggests of attempting to contact newfound family. “A lot of people do their research online, and some hit brick walls [while] others have luck.”