Too much bullying

To the Editor:

The recent increase in the amount of bullying in schools has me concerned for our future. I have read many stories and heard news excerpts of children, young children, committing suicide due to the severity of the bullying they are enduring.

Even though schools are stating that they take care of bullying, there are still many forms and cases of bullying that are being set on the back burner in order to deal with “greater” problems.

This is an important issue to address because these children are our future. The bullying they are enduring affects them physically as well as mentally. Having mentally stable children is the key to a better future.

The lack of support in our school systems has led a kindergartener very close to me to switch school districts due to the bullying he is enduring. The school system failed to address this case of bullying, which led to this young boy seeing a psychologist and switching districts. This reflects poorly on the school system; however, it is not strictly the school district’s fault. The family life also plays a large part in the actions and reactions of children. I believe that family time and families instilling morals within these children would help lessen the amount of bullying occurring in schools.

In addition to keeping family time a high priority, I believe it is the school district’s job to enforce the bullying rules they have in place. Implementing these solutions could save a child’s life.

Emily Lyle