Police deserve praise

To the Editor:

We just want to express our gratitude to the excellence of the Fairmont Police Department. A lot of times, the police are given a bad rap but never given credit for all of the good they do to serve the general public. Well done.

We would like to extend a sincere thank you from our family to Chief Greg Brolsma for his professionalism during the time we lost our daughter and sister, Kelli. We thank Officer Spee for his sincerity; Officer Bleess for making the effort to form a search for Kelli and overall compassion that came from the heart; Officer Hunter for his concern and genuine caring during some tough times with Kelli. Even though four years have gone by since she passed on, your thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.

Kudos to the whole department for all of its hard work and dedication in serving our community. Thank you.

Please support the Fairmont Police Officers Association and give them the recognition they deserve.

Dave Cordes, Jessica Zanke

and Amber Cordes