Et Cetera …

Youth, business connect

People in this area like the idea of young people not only returning from college for the summer, but even possibly returning after college to fulfil their career goals.

One effort that is helping in both areas is the youth internship program being operated through South Central Workforce Center, Minnesota Valley Action Council and Martin County. Last year, 13 students held summer jobs or internships through the program. It connects youth to local businesses. That creates benefits for both sides that may carry on into the future. We thank the program as it moves into its second year.

Give ’em a shot anyway

They hold drag races in this country. Yes, really. You can watch them on sports channels, and many people like them. They’re not for everyone, but to each his own.

It’s difficult for us to see a problem then when it comes to proposed drag races at Fairmont’s airport. Similar events have been held in northern Iowa.

Now, it may turn out some higher level of government authority frowns on this, but we don’t believe our local officials should. They should at least let race organizers move ahead and see if such an event is feasible.

Time to rethink this

The city of Fairmont is trying to figure out what’s going on at its fire hall, where Gold Cross ambulance is storing ambulances at a cost of just $1 per year, an arrangement that has been in place for a decade.

The City Council has asked the city administrator to renegotiate the lease, which it wants to bring in thousands of dollars per month. That means the city feels it has been too generous for too long, without a good explanation.

We suspect there was a sound rationale for the deal when it began. If it’s not clear now, then a new deal is a must.

New name, same goals

Martin County Area Foundation is brand new, even though it isn’t. The name change reflects the fact that the foundation contributes to the arts, civic affairs, economic development and youth, among other things, in Martin County. The organization has been known at Fairmont Area Foundation.

In any case, the group has been benevolent to nonprofits, distributing more than $780,000 to groups from Sherburn to East Chain. We wish the group continued success in raising funds, and we thank it for what is has done and what it will do.