Windom chooses concrete

To the Editor:

On March 26, the Windom City Council voted to accept the concrete paving alternate for its 2013 street project. This is their third consecutive vote for concrete streets.

Windom understands the value of concrete streets and the large cost of blacktop ownership. The concrete bid was 12 percent higher than blacktop, and the projected cost of ownership to choose blacktop and maintain it for 30 years was over $1 million more than concrete. Just think:?Spend extra money today to save a tremendous amount of money later.

The process in Windom has been:

1. The desire for concrete, the most used construction material in the world.

2. Equivalent design. This is the most important step to have comparable designs and bids. Every inch of base and paving has its own strength value and equal design leads to competitive bids.

3. Evaluate bids. Many projects in the last few years saw concrete as the low bid. We also provide a life-cycle ownership comparison to show the large amount of money spent to maintain blacktop vs concrete over 30 years. Regardless of the initial bid concrete is always less to own.

4. Choose concrete, the obvious choice.

Both Worthington and St. James have concrete streets more than 80 years old and although they are not in new condition, these communities have spent very little money these streets.

As other communities are choosing concrete, it is time for Fairmont to get back to a concrete mindset and choose concrete to pave the roads in Fairmont.

Mitch Voehl

GCC Ready Mix