Thank you, Fairmont

To the Editor:

As I help my parents pack up their belongings to move from their home in Fairmont to a house much closer to family, and especially grandchildren, I find myself caught up in a lot of emotions. Eight years ago, I was a stubborn 15-year-old who did not want to move to Fairmont. Now I am a grateful FHS alumnus wishing to express my thanks to the Fairmont community.

The list of people in the Fairmont community who impacted my life in a positive way is endless. From caring coaches and amazing teammates, to welcoming classmates and supportive community members, my experiences with the people of Fairmont helped shaped the person that I have now become. For that, I am forever grateful.

Even though my new license shows that I am now a resident of Iowa, my hometown will forever be Fairmont, Minnesota.

Thank you, Fairmont.

Jeff Janssen

Fairmont High School

Class of 2008