‘Top 20’ is valuable

To the Editor:

As it is often said in our culture in this busy world, we don’t take time to relate, to reconnect with good friends. We sit in meetings, we work with our co-workers, but we don’t take the time to examine how we affect people we associate with day to day.

I want to congratulate the sponsors, Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce and all who were involved in bringing the Top 20 program to Fairmont, and to have the programs presented over the local TV station. Years ago, a quote was given on a similar program – we are called to serve the community of which we are a part.

From the leaders of the seminars, they presented a good case to see the dignity and the value of each individual. This is extremely valuable and worthwhile in today’s world, where respect and civility is wanting in many areas of our society. Thank you again for the enlightenment and example you brought to this community with the Top 20 presentation. Our attitudes should always be under review.

Mike Garry