Republican Party makes internal review

The Republican Party is a house divided. So it is alleged. The results of the 2012 election have forced an internal review within Republican ranks, and the results were offered in a Republican National Committee report unveiled Monday. It suggested Republicans do more to embrace minority voters, back immigration reform and develop an inclusive attitude toward gays and lesbians. Otherwise, the party faces growing irrelevance, it is said.

We would note that these post-election autopsies always reflect weakness in the losing party. Just a few years back, it was said that Democrats were headed for oblivion if they could not find a way to reach out to religious voters, such as the evangelicals who twice put George W.?Bush in the White House.

But we do believe analysts are on to something this time around. More and more Americans, especially young people, do not believe gay marriage should be a political issue. They see it as simple fairness … and inevitable. More and more people see trying to round up and expel illegal immigrants as folly. Yes, there should be border enforcement, but illegals who are here aren’t going anywhere anyway, so why not give them a path to citizenship? And, finally, “minority” groups are going to be in the majority soon enough. If Republicans cannot get more than 10 or 20 percent of their votes, the party is headed for extinction.

So what should the Republican strategy be? Easy: Embrace freedom. From the personal to the economic. This is the natural extension of beliefs for a party that reveres the Founding Fathers and cherishes their ideals.