Like school children

To the Editor:

People now and then will complain about their jobs. It could be the people they work with, low pay, the boss, etc.. But something I heard not too long ago took me back to school days. The attitudes themselves were something of a grade-school level:

A few people with walkers, including myself, were being raised, one at a time, onto a bus to go home. Before I was lifted, I heard some childish talk from a couple of guys who work in the back of the business at which I work.

“They look so funny …” a young man said with a laugh. Then they both laughed at the disabled people getting on the bus. It made them appear real immature.

What are we supposed to do? We get up every day and move our feet one at a time. We may not be able to get the best-paying jobs, but at least we can work. It may not be much work to you, but many of us with limitations have lived through more hell than you and your little minds could ever dream of seeing.

John R. Fransen Jr.