Are you aware?

To the Editor:

If you’re like many Americans, your answer to “Where does your food come from?” is “The grocery store.” In fact, this is just where it’s distributed. In reality, many people are unaware of agriculture in their lives, and what it takes to have food on their table.

Just a few generations ago, most people were farmers. That’s no longer the case. That’s why we are writing, because agriculture provides the necessities of life: food, clothing and shelter.

Today, each farmer feeds 154 people. But it’s not just the farmer who makes our food possible. Production, processing, distribution, marketing and consumerism are aspects of agriculture. Every worker and business, from farm to grocery store, is a vital link that brings you food.

It’s easy to take agriculture for granted – food is accessible and safe. We’re fortunate, but we have an obligation to recognize how it’s made possible.

March 19 is National Ag Day, a time to be grateful for American agriculture.

For more information, contact Rochelle Krusemark, Martin County Farm Bureau President at (507) 639-6031.

Check out the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance Food Source at, Minnesota Farmers CARE on Facebook, Minnesota Farm Bureau at and American Farm Bureau at

Rochelle Krusemark, president

Martin County Farm Bureau

board of directors