Prairieland’s promise remains to be fulfilled

The Prairieland waste-processing facility in Truman made a new request for funding from Martin and Faribault counties late last week. (The two counties own the plant.) The amount of money involved isn’t much – $24,000 – but is a bit surprising since Prairieland worked out a budget based on a reduced service fee charged to every home and business in the two counties, and because Prairieland is supposed to be in better financial condition since ending its composting operations and converting to making refuse-derived fuel.

It seems when it comes to Prairieland, the disappointments keep stacking up over time.

Now, with that all said, we will add our hopes to those of leaders in the two counties who believe Prairieland could be much better off in coming months and years. There is a law on the books in Minnesota that requires the seven-county metro area to have its waste processed in an environmentally friendly manner, rather than be landfilled. The law has not been enforced, but it appears state officials are moving toward doing so, as early as next month.

This could bode well for Prairieland, if it works diligently to attract metro-area garbage haulers to send their waste. Prairieland gets paid a fee for every ton of garbage dumped there. Bringing in more waste would not only improve Prairieland’s finances, it would help the plant fulfil its promise of being the way society responsibly handles its refuse.