We could use well water

To the Editor:

With the recent front page article about the water problem for the schools, what about solving the water problem for the school, all residents and businesses of Fairmont? Switch the city from polluted, insufficient lake water to clean well water from the Prairie Du Chien-Jordan aquifer, which is some 200 to 300 feet below Fairmont.

I have researched the cities in southern Minnesota that use well water. Here is the list: Luverne, Worthington, Jackson, New Ulm, Lake Crystal, Mankato, North Mankato, Waseca, Albert Lea, Austin, Rochester, Janesville, Winnebago, Sherburn, Lewisville, Truman, Welcome, Ceylon, Blue Earth, Trimont, Northrop and the Red Rock Rural Water system.

Surface water may be used for various industries in northern Minnesota. One might think the city of Lakeville uses surface water, but no, it uses well water.

I did notice that Mankato supplements its well water with recycled water from the sewage treatment plant. We certainly don’t want to do this! Did I see this as an option for our water shortage?

Michael W. Lundgreen