Anchor Uniform closing up shop

FAIRMONT – Business had been good until last year, according to Ken Harris, owner of Anchor Uniforms in Fairmont.

Located on Downtown Plaza, the store sells medical supplies and scrubs, which are now marked down in preparation for the business’ closure.

“We can’t compete every two months with a fiscal crisis, a fiscal cliff, a fiscal sequester,” Harris said. “People just aren’t buying.”

Changes in the uniform and nursing industries also impacted the decision to close. According to Harris, when Mayo Clinic Health System switched to requiring its staff wear color-coded scrubs, sales at Anchor Uniform dropped.

Then major suppliers came out with a set minimum price, demanding that retailers stay above it.

“Everybody in this area – and I don’t blame them – they want a deal. They want something on sale,” Harris said.

He and his wife, Margaret, purchased the uniform business from Alice Nowicki in 2009, after the Harrises moved to Fairmont from California. Harris previously worked for a durable medical equipment corporation. Margaret Harris works for Presentation College as a clinical instructor.

“We’re very thankful for the people who’ve supported us. … There are a lot of nice people here,” Harris said.

As much of the inventory as possible will be sold before bringing in a liquidator. Harris anticipates the store will close the end of this month.