Great to see community pride

To The Editor:

It is great to see community members taking pride in the appearance of their community and their individual properties. We would like to recognize and thank some of the people that have recently made a difference in Fairmont. Mike and Doreen Malone have done a remarkable job restoring a home on Lake Park Boulevard. Their hard work has given that corner a fresh and revitalized look. They are continuing their efforts by restoring another home on Budd Lake Drive. Thank you so much to them for putting their time and effort into saving and restoring these beautiful treasures in Fairmont.

Roger Harris has also made a commitment to enhancing Fairmont’s appearance by removing a building near Third and Park Street that was not in good shape. Thank you for his initiative and the value he placed on keeping Fairmont looking good. In addition we would point out that the blue awning for Prairie River Home Care on Blue Earth Avenue is stunning as well. We know there are many more individuals and businesses that work daily to provide clean and beautiful properties in the community. We thank you for your positive contribution to our community.

Focus on Fairmont is a group of citizens organized to enhance beautification of Fairmont and work to improve our community pride.


Focus on Fairmont

Heather Hawkins

Darci Bentz