Fairmonters value faith, freedom, family

To the Editor:

Nearly a month ago, I launched my candidacy for State Chairman of Minnesota College Republicans. In Minnesota, there are nearly 20 colleges and universities that have a College Republicans chapter. I currently serve as Chairman of College Republicans at one of those 20 at St. Thomas. Above me, there is a State Chairman who more or less acts as the Governor of College Republicans for the entire state. After careful deliberation, I have thrown my hat into a contested race.

A year ago, I was a nobody within the Minnesota College Republicans organization and at a chapter that was barely functioning. If growing up in Fairmont taught me anything, it taught me the value of hard work and individual responsibility. I applied those principles, along with leadership skills taught to me within the Fairmont school system and athletics programs, and turned a struggling chapter into one of the most effective College Republicans chapters in the entire state. Among 30-plus members, we were able to put 630 hours of volunteering in this past fall for Republican candidates in the Metro region. Even though we were not victorious this past fall, I was highly encouraged to seek the position as State Chair.

These are trying times for the youth of our nation. We see a federal government with no sign of slowing down with a debt of nearly $16.3 trillion. We see many of our friends graduating from college and either not finding work or ending up in jobs that they really do not desire. We see a federal government that wants to increase the role it plays in our daily lives. At the end of the day, I believe that conservative policies will get our spending habits and economy back on track and if I can help those candidates get into office, then all of the work is worth it.

Regardless of the politics, I find myself travelling across Minnesota speaking at many different college campuses. When speaking to a group, the first thing I talk about is the community in which I was raised in, Fairmont. I tell them that the people there value their freedom, faith, and family in addition to hard work and individual responsibility. I hope this letter serves as a thank you to this community for what it has done for me. I am truly living the American Dream, and I want to ensure that future generations are able to do the same. Feel free to follow the campaign on Facebook “Andrew Hasek for MNCRs Chair” or send me an email at teamhasek@gmail.com. Thank you for your continued support.

Andrew Hasek