Where’s responsibility?

To the Editor:

“ID policy for students modified” … Sentinel newspaper, Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013. At Tuesday’s Fairmont Area School Board meeting, the board modified the ID policy so that the students will not have to visibly wear a picture ID, but must produce it upon request.

A vital segment of education is to instill responsibility. It is my opinion that this change provides an opportunity to ignore a simple requirement. The $5 replacement fee should have been increased and, perhaps, required to be paid before the student is allowed back in school. This should eliminate the problem of “currently more than 600 unpaid fines.” I appreciated the statement made by school board member Diane Gerhardt, who said, “They don’t forget their cell phones.”

I also agree with Mrs. Gerhardt concerning the issue about a student missing 12 days of school per semester before being referred to an appeal process. She felt that number to be excessive and not fair for teachers or classmates that a student is allowed so many absences. Where are the parents?

Much time, effort and expense has recently been spent to promote, “We’re Fairmont, We can do it better.” This also applies to our school system. Workable standards must be set and enforced. Parents need to be involved and become more responsible for their children. Our taxes are at work … we can do it better.

Martin Krause