You deserve answers

To the Editor:

Some of my friends are in the insurance business. Beginning a couple of months ago, they started getting swamped with calls from clients and others who suddenly realized that (so-called) Affordable Care Act regulations are starting to kick in, especially cost-wise. Of course, this was planned by the Democrats. They didn’t want to “confuse” voters by having tax increases imposed by a Democrat-controlled Congress begin prior to the election.

The problem, of course, is that since volumes of regulations are still being written, no insurance agent has all the answers. However, there is a solution:?Our elected representatives – Sens. Franken and Klobuchar, and Rep. Walz – must know all of the answers because they all voted for the bill. To not have read it, studied it and understood it before voting for it would have been an egregious violation of the public trust. Wouldn’t it?

I suggest that persons interested in why their health insurance is suddenly doubling in cost, or why their company is considering dropping their health insurance, or why Obamacare has so many new taxes in it, or any hundreds of other questions, simply contact Franken, Klobuchar and Walz for answers. When you call, insist on speaking directly to them so that some poor secretary or intern is not on the hook for an incorrect answer. This also will give our representatives an excellent opportunity to hear directly from constituents.

Some questions you might ask:

o President Obama repeatedly promised that Obamacare would reduce the cost of health care. Why are my health insurance rates going up at double-digit rates?

o President Obama repeatedly promised that if I liked my present health care policy, I could keep it. Why am I now finding out that I and probably a majority of Americans will not be able to keep the insurance we now have?

o It is well known that you were never given time to read much more than the title of the so-called Affordable Care Act before you voted for it. Not having read it, why did you vote for it? Do you consider that to be a violation of your oath of office?

o Why does the Obama administration think, as it is arguing in virtually every case brought against the abortion mandate in Obamacare, that the government has the authority to override the religious beliefs and the opposition to abortion by a majority of the citizens of this country? Does Obama not respect the Constitution? Or was his oath just so many empty words?

Harold R. King