We need some answers

To the Editor:

Before we go “ga-ga” over tax and government guarantees for Mayo’s plans, we need to look carefully into individual medical practices. Taken from the dreams and integrity of Mayo medical in the 1940s and 1950s, now the caregiving of institutional medicine, medicine is fast becoming an institution that dictates, versus the integrity of private practice.

We also need clarification on the recent large fine paid by Mayo for billing irregularities.

We should examine carefully more individual medical treatment. Look only at this area:?Austin, Albert Lea, Owatonna, Mankato and Fairmont. Are we better off? What do we use as a guide with our private medical experience?

Have we come to the edge of losing our private medical care? Are we better off health-wise? Are we blinded by a reputation that is promoting medical care ruled and governed by dollar signs?

Will larger dollars solve anything? I think not. Let’s keep the integrity of private practice. Do we need more “Big Box” or government medicine? Are we better off depending on private practitioners who have brought us this far for many, many years?

Is a bigger building going to make us live well forever?

Old age and personal experience tells me not. Let medical experiences guide us with a maximum export of learning based on medicine.

Ed Hiley