‘Top 20’ training resumes this week

FAIRMONT – “Top 20 thinking” is becoming a catch-phrase in Fairmont, as community members catch the wave of positive thinking encouraged through recent Top 20 training sessions.

For anyone who has yet to hear about Top 20, two more sessions are scheduled this week.

The program was developed by the Top 20 Training company in 2000. It is comprised of three trainers who have traveled the country with the mission of helping individuals, families, teams and organizations develop their potential. The model draws a figurative line, above which is Top 20 thinking. Below the line is the Bottom 80, where negativity dwells.

“It makes you aware that you’re going to be more productive, more happy if you’re thinking in the Top 20 instead of the Bottom 80,” said Bob Wallace, Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce director. “All day long we fluctuate between the two, but we can remind ourselves that Top 20 thinking is a lot better way to function as an individual.”

According to the Top 20 website, www.top20training.com, more than 1,500 local students, teachers, parents, business leaders and community members in Fairmont have participated in the training so far. Fairmont is noted as the first city in the nation working toward becoming a Top 20 Community.

“We’re their first effort at trying to expose so many people in the community to this thought process,” said Wallace, who described the principles as “pretty basic but eye-opening.”

The two upcoming sessions will take place Thursday at the Knights of Columbus Hall:

o From 10 a.m. to noon, retirees and senior citizens are invited to a free two-hour workshop that will walk them through the Top 20 thinking process. Anyone thinking of attending is encouraged to call Profinium Financial at (507) 235-8565 or Bank Midwest at (507) 235-3327 to register, though registration is not required in order to attend. Coffee and cookies will be served.

“The goal of this is to educate the whole community on Top 20 thinking, a more positive thought process, so we don’t want to exclude anybody. If you haven’t had a chance to hear about it, come to the morning session,” Wallace said.

o From 1-5 p.m. there will be a business session on “Creating An Effective Workplace and Community,” which will explore how to live above the line, choose to see things differently, and create a Top 20 culture.

The cost is $40 per seat. To register, call the Chamber at (507) 235-5547 or email callie@fairmontchamber.org