Last year for Daffodil Days

FAIRMONT – This is the last spring that daffodils will bloom for the American Cancer Society.

Sue Homan of the Fairmont chapter has helped organize the Daffodil Days fundraiser for the past eight years. Minnesota is one of only nine states that still participates. Money from the flower sales goes toward cancer research, educational programs, advocacy, and services for cancer patients and their families.

“We raised between $15,000 and $17,000, but it was decreasing every year,” Homan said. “It also required a lot of volunteer hours.”

Homan said organizing for the event usually began in December, and she spent a major portion of her time working on it from January through March.

“During that time, I put a lot of hours into Daffodils,” she said.

The local chapter of the American Cancer Society recently announced that with the discontinuation of Daffodil Days, fundraising efforts will concentrate on Relay for Life events. Relay for Life is held every summer at the Martin County Fairgrounds. Participants spend the night there, walking around a track to raise money through pledges and donations.

No specific events have been announced to replace Daffodil Days.

“It will be strange, but it will also be a nice break,” Homan said. “I have been tied up in Daffodil Days for a while.

Pre-orders for the final Daffodil Days event are going on now through Feb. 22. Orders can be placed by calling Homan at (507) 235-9423, or Callie Goerndt at (507) 399-1647.