‘Daffodil Days’ ending

To the Editor:

The American Cancer Society will end its Daffodil Days fundraiser after this year because the program, though popular, is no longer cost-effective.

The American Cancer Society decision to cancel the program is because Daffodil Days is now limited to a few geographic areas – Minnesota, in fact, is one of only nine states that still participates in the program – and the rising costs of fuel and flowers no longer make it cost-effective.

The program’s cancellation allows the Cancer Society to focus more on programs like “Relay for Life” and “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.”

Now is the final time to pre-order your daffodils. We are taking pre-orders for the Dainty Daffodils, and the Bear and a bunch. The deadline for pre-ordering is Friday, Feb. 22.

Daffodil Days is about sharing hope for a world with less cancer and more birthdays, where cancer never steals another year from anyone’s life. By giving daffodils to friends, family members and even cancer patients, you are really giving hope because together, we are helping people stay well, helping people get well, and fighting back.

The American Cancer Society offers the following choices:

Bunch of Daffodils – $10

Bunch and a vase $15

Dainty daffodils $15

Gift of Hope $25 (delivered anonymously)

Bear and a Bunch $25

Sunshine bouquet $75

For more information, please contact Sue Homan at (507)?235-9423 or Callie Goerndt at (507)?399-1647.

Callie Goerndt,


American Cancer Society

Daffodil Days, Fairmont chapter