MCA gymnasts vault to 2nd at SCC

WELCOME – Martin County Area junior gymnast Rebecca Steen defended her South Central Conference all-around championship on Friday night, while the New Ulm Eagles doubled up their conference team crowns on the season.

Steen nearly made a clean sweep of the SCC Meet’s individual events, capturing gold medals on the vault, balance beam and floor exercise to pace a first-place all-around total of 36.35 points.

Steen combined forces with teammates Martha Olson and Lexy Ringnell, who also generated SCC medalist performances on the vault and floor, respectively, to engineer a runner-up SCC team total of 134.9 points in Welcome.

“I thought it was a nice team effort tonight, and I think our score was a season-high, too,” said Martin County Area mentor LeeAnn Steen. “It was good to have Mackenzie (Betts) back from illness (mono) to give us some extra scoring, and we also were able to hit some skills on the floor that we hadn’t before. Maggie (Bachenberg) hit her full, while Lexy did the same with her half.

“It’s nice to be able to add some higher-level skills into our routines and have the girls step up and execute them at this time of the season.”

Senior Michaela Otterstatter generated 35.5 points on the strength of four top-four finishes to capture runner-up all-around accolades to top New Ulm’s winning SCC Meet team total of 138.575 points.

The high-soaring Eagles also captured the conference dual-meet championship by compiling a perfect 5-0 record on the season.

Otterstatter posted her best individual showing by chalking up an 8.675 on the uneven parallel bars to earn the silver medal behind senior teammate Kim Berg’s championship mark of 8.775.

Only Berg, Otterstatter and St. Peter sophomore Rebekah Berry (8.6) prevented Rebecca Steen from striking gold on the unevens. Steen placed fourth with an 8.525.

Steen, however, displayed her dominance for a second straight season by planting her Tsukahara for a gold-medal score of 9.325 on the vault, while teammate Martha Olson earned the silver medal by rotating her Tsuk for a 9.2.

Steen also hit her standing back tuck to highlight her winning score of 9.2 on the beam, while tightly twisting her double-full to cap her initial tumbling sequence to pace a first-place total of 9.3 on the floor.

Martin County Area’s Lexy Ringnell earned a sixth-place medal on the floor by averaging an 8.55 on the judges’ scorecards.

Senior Cassie Thompson merited all-SCC medals on the floor and vault to guide the Blue Earth Area Bucs to a fifth-place team total of 123.375.

Thompson, who pocketed sixth in the all-around competition with a 33.625, netted fourth on the floor with an 8.85. The Buc senior standout also placed fifth on the vault by turning a handspring full for a 9.05.

Buc junior Haley Resutek, who scored a 30.525 in the all-around competition, captured a bronze medal on the vault by planting her handspring full for a 9.1.

Madeline Swain placed third in the all-around competition with a 34.3 to fuel Waseca’s third-place team total of 133.875, while Rebekah Berry pocketed fourth overall with a 34.1 to pace St. Peter’s fourth-place team score of 125.5.

Martin County Area competes in the Section 3A Meet at noon, Saturday, Feb. 16, at Jackson County Central High School in Jackson.

Blue Earth Area competes in the Section 2A Meet at 6:30 p.m. next Friday at Watertown-Mayer High School in Watertown.


Team Standings: 1. New Ulm 138.575; 2. Martin County Area 134.9; 3. Waseca 133.875; 4. St. Peter 125.5; 5. Blue Earth Area 123.375; 6. St. James 97.7.

Individual Results

All-Around: 1. Rebecca Steen (MCA) 36.35; 2. Michaela Otterstatter (NU) 35.5; 3. Madeline Swain (W) 34.3; 4. Rebekah Berry (SP) 34.1; 5. Caleigh Dennis (W) 33.75; 6. Cassie Thompson (BEA) 33.625.

Other BEA score: Haley Resutek 30.525.

Vault: 1. Rebecca Steen (MCA) 9.325; 2. Martha Olson (MCA) 9.2; 3. Haley Resutek (BEA) 9.1; 4. Michaela Otterstatter (NU) 9.075; 5. Cassie Thompson (BEA) 9.05; 6. Allison Rosenhamer (NU) 9.025.

Other MCA scores: Sydney Leichtnam 8.7; Michaela Twitchell 8.625; Mackenzie Betts 8.3. Other BEA scores: Christina Anderson 8.45; Melissa Hagedorn 8.25; Malorie Huber 8.1. Other New Ulm scores: Michaela Howk 8.825; Molly Klimek 8.7; Kirsten Spaude 8.675.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Kim Berg (NU) 8.775; 2. Michaela Otterstatter (NU) 8.675; 3. Rebekah Berry (SP) 8.6; 4. Rebecca Steen (MCA) 8.525; 5. Michaela Howk (NU) 8.425; 6. Emily Gulden (NU) 8.275.

Other MCA scores: Sydney Leichtnam 8.125; Kayla Shantz 8.1; Andrea Thate 7.6; Michaela Twitchell 7.575. BEA scores: Cassie Thompson 7.975; Christina Anderson 7.925; Haley Resutek 7.25; Erin Olson 6.8; Malorie Huber 4.95. Other New Ulm score: Molly Klimek 8.0.

Balance Beam: 1. Rebecca Steen (MCA) 9.2; 2. Emily Gulden (NU) 9.0; 3. Madeline Swain (W) 8.825; 4. Michaela Otterstatter (NU) 8.8; 5. Caleigh Dennis (W) 8.7; 6. Michaela Howk (NU) 8.575.

Other MCA scores: Brooklyn Leichtnam 8.35; Mackenzie Betts 7.4; Maggie Bachenberg 7.275; Jenna Steele 7.0. BEA scores: Cassie Thompson 7.75; Christina Anderson 7.075; Melissa Hagedorn 6.175; Haley Resutek 5.95; Brianna Ziegler 5.65. Other New Ulm scores: Kirsten Spaude 8.5; Allison Rosenhamer 8.025.

Floor Exercise: 1. Rebecca Steen (MCA) 9.3; 2. Madeline Swain (W) 9.05; 3. Michaela Otterstatter (NU) 8.95; 4. Cassie Thompson (BEA) 8.85; 5. Emily Gulden (NU) 8.575; 6. Lexy Ringnell (MCA) 8.55.

Other MCA scores: Maggie Bachenberg 8.525; Martha Olson 8.1; Brielle Meade 7.875. Other BEA scores: Haley Resutek 8.225; Erin Olson 7.65; Melissa Hagedorn 6.9; Malorie Huber 6.525. Other New Ulm scores: Kirsten Spaude 8.35; Allison Rosenhamer 8.05; Molly Klimek 8.05.