Et Cetera …

Fair won’t waste cash

The Martin County Fair is a popular, successful event. The fair’s board of directors is right to be leery of getting involved in trying to save the Fairmont Raceway.

The races are a local tradition, but one that is suffering from declining interest. The fair board is seeking a raceway promoter to oversee things, but that search is running up against the spring startup of the races, if they are to be held at all.

The fair board does not want to subsidize the races. That makes sense. Racing should stand on its own.

Absurd street policy

Blue Earth City Council this week responded to citizen protests related to street work on Highland Drive. The council was right to not add a walking path/parking lane. But on another request of the public – maintaining a grassy plot in the middle of the cul-de-sac – we don’t know what the city is thinking.

Children play on the grassy island, something that seems extraordinarily irresponsible for parents and the city to allow. Also, snowplows must work around this strange little green space. The city needs to rethink this unsafe, inefficient decision.

Can’t schools decide?

What is wrong with our society? Why does every “problem” require a top-down “solution” imposed by the federal government. Its latest order is to tell schools they cannot sell candy or sugary pop in vending machines, and that a la carte lunch menu items must be healthier.

Can’t local schools, parents and students make these decisions?

Eating poorly is a personal choice that can be modified by good parenting and good information about nutrition and exercise. Busybodies should be forced to start with the premise that they must convince other people to change.

Wise choice essential

The state of Iowa has a budget surplus. Should it go back to taxpayers or be used by government? We lean toward the tax rebate, but would add a caveat: If the funds go toward vital infrastructure projects, this would save taxpayers interest costs in the long run. Infrastructure – roads, bridges, etc. – also makes the state a better place to live and work, and is attractive to industry.

We do not believe the funds should be used to start new programs. These create a long-term financial obligation that will grow over time.

So: Give it back or spend it wisely.