Perhaps there’s hope

To the Editor:

Since the last election, the country has taken a sharp turn to the left. U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta can be remembered as the man who changed the meaning of “women” forever. From child-raising and being a mother, wife and homemaker to a woman in a foxhole with men doing our killing for us. I thought we fought to protect our families and the American way of life, and not to drag the family to the front lines.

Gay marriage is to be protected so people like Elton John and his partner can hire surrogate women to bear their children, as reported in this paper.

Abortion rights are to be protected, although that takes many more children’s lives than all the terrible school shootings.

Disarm the people so only police and criminals will have guns, making it easier to control the people.

Marijuana could be legalized and even assisted suicide in some places.

I fear for future generations who turn on the television and have a hard time finding anything but extreme violence and sex.

It seems the word “sin” has disappeared from the vocabulary.

It is reported that 49 percent of the people voted against this administration, so perhaps if we don’t compromise our values, there still may be some hope.

Maurice Kellander,