Rehab facility set to open

SHERBURN – “It smells so new in here,” said Lisa Lange as she entered the Prairie Rehabilitation Services building. “I like the smell of new.”

Lange is director of Temperance Lake Ridge in Sherburn. Prairie Rehabilitation Services is one portion of the Temperance Lake expansion that is almost complete. Part of the work involves expanding the memory care unit at the assisted-living facility. Prairie adds a physical and occupational rehabilitation center.

“We provide therapy in outpatient centers,” explained Charles Bigelow, vice president of business development for Prairie Rehabilitation Services. “We provide home care, along with care for assisted-living and nursing home facilities. We have 11 outpatient sites, with five now in Minnesota, and six in South Dakota, including two in Sioux Falls.”

The site in Sherburn is expected to be in operation within the next few weeks.

“We’re just waiting for our license from Medicare,” Bigelow said. “It’s been approved, but we’re just waiting on the paperwork now. It’s probably a few weeks away, but we can still care for the residents through our home care.”

While its primary commitment will be to Temperance Lake Ridge residents, Prairie also will be open to the public.

“This will be a help so they don’t need to travel as far to get treatment,” Bigelow said. “We offer physical, occupational and speech therapies … Mostly, we work with adult orthopedic and rehabilitative services, along with after-care for surgeries. We have worked with stroke patients and other neurological problems such as [multiple sclerosis] and traumatic brain injuries.”

Lange said having Prairie in the community will allow Temperance Lake Ridge residents more services and options, and allow them to receive therapy more often.

“Right now, people have to travel to Fairmont or Jackson for therapy services, so having a therapy department right in Sherburn will be a great asset to the community,” she said.

Prairie includes 1,000 square feet, with two private treatment rooms, and an open area for exercise equipment.

The addition to Temperance Lake Ridge also contains a recreation area, along with the expanded memory care unit.

“We’re still having some interior work done, but they’ll be ready the second week of February instead of March, which is good because there are some people who need to move in right away,” Lange said.

Other upcoming events at the site include a balance screening and assessment by Prairie Rehabilitation Services on Feb. 21, and an open house to be scheduled sometime in late March.