This is about control

To the Editor:

The tragedy in Newtown has provided the Left with another excuse to attempt a major push toward its long sought-after goal of registration of the firearms owned by law-abiding citizens, as a step toward the ultimate goal of confiscation of those firearms.

The Obama administration’s “Operation Fast and Furious,” directed at drumming up numbers to support the call for more firearms restrictions, cost hundreds of lives and backfired on the administration for that reason.

The madman in Newtown provided the president with a welcome opportunity to address the situation, which he did with the added theatrics of a catch in his voice and a dab at an imaginary tear at the outside of his eye. This, coming from the only president who has personally voted for both abortion and infanticide, and whose administration adamantly supports with taxpayer funds, 2,000 killings per day in the slaughterhouses operated by Planned Parenthood, is the absolute ultimate in hypocrisy.

Advancing the liberal agenda of control over America using any manufactured crisis is the only objective Obama and his supporters have in mind. If an ability to play on emotions is available and useful, so much the better. Gun control is only about control.

Harold King