Mentors are valued

To the Editor:

January is National Mentoring Month. Martin County Mentoring Network would like to honor all youth mentors, past and present, who have given their time as volunteer mentors to area youth.

Thursday, Jan. 17, is the national “Thank Your Mentor Day.” If you have experienced the value of a mentor in your life, you may participate in this recognition of youth mentors in the following ways: You may send a card or note to your mentor to express your appreciation. You may “pass it on” by becoming a mentor to a young person in your community. You may write a tribute to your mentor for posting online by visiting:

Martin County Mentoring Network serves children, ages 5-17, in Martin County who would benefit from a structured mentoring relationship. We currently have mentors from Sherburn, Truman, Trimont, Ceylon, Granada, Welcome, Lewisville, Amboy, Alpha, Winnebago and Fairmont participating in our program.

We thank the mentors for giving their time to befriend a young person and helping them develop to his or her full potential. Mentoring strives to empower youth to develop the necessary skills to ensure a positive future.

Thank you mentors. Your efforts on behalf of Martin County youth are valued and appreciated.

Valerie Jepsen,

program coordinator

Martin County Mentoring Network