Those with stake should lead fight against carp

Many Minnesotans have a stake in whether the Department of Natural Resources can find ways to prevent the advance of Asian carp up the Mississippi River. It is a daunting and, perhaps, impossible task over the long term.

The state is considering a sound-bubble-and-light barrier in the Twin Cities to try to keep the carp from swimming upstream. If they manage to get upstream, the carp could destroy popular fisheries. And that would devastate tourism in Minnesota.

The state says it needs to come up with another $8 million to $15 million to build the barrier. Proponents of the project say not doing anything will end up costing the state and its citizens far more in the long run. We tend to agree.

However, we want to make sure that those who benefit the most from Minnesota’s tourism industry are the ones taking a lead role in preventing depredation by Asian carp. Resorts, bait shops, hotels, sporting goods stores and others should be out front in this fight. They should be willing to pony up donations before asking the Legislature to add tax money to the pot.

In the alternative, they better develop some delicious recipes for Asian carp.