Young men of character

To the Editor:

I felt compelled to write in on how impressed I was with three young men during the last snowstorm. I was driving home in my four-wheel drive pickup a few weeks ago and it was snowing fairly good. The wind was blowing and it was cold.

As I prepared to turn onto my street, I noticed a van stuck in the snow and three kids out pushing it. It appeared that the kids’ mom might have been stuck and they got out of the van and were trying to push her. None of them had hats and gloves on, so I thought the entire family was just trying to get her out.

I pulled in and backed up to the van to pull them out. When I walked up to the van, it was actually an elderly lady who tried to make the turn and the snowdrift pulled her in. The kids were driving by and wanted to help. They helped me hook onto her van and we pulled her out. Everyone then went on their way and I realized I knew two of the three boys. One was Jack Hested and the older one driving was Lucas Hested. I don’t know the name of the third boy but he was Jack’s age and he was helping as much as the rest of us were.

As I drove away, I thought about how impressed I was with these three boys. They didn’t know this lady and they were not asked or told to help her. They just noticed what was going on and did what I would expect any man to do.

We all do some good things and we all make mistakes. That is how we learn. Some people say character is what you do when nobody is looking. I’m proud to see these three young men showing the world that they are of high character and I’m proud to live in the same city as them.

Jason Subbert