MCA gymnasts floor Trojans

WELCOME – Rebecca Steen literally took a giant step in her recovery from an ankle injury on Tuesday night.

Steen swept all four individual events to capture the all-around crown with a season-high 36.975 points to pace the Martin County Area Magic’s 134.275-132.8 triumph over the Worthington Trojans during non-league gymnastics action in Welcome.

The Magic also registered a season’s-best team total, topping their prior high score of 132.875 established during a season-opening victory over Luverne on Dec. 6.

“We did a better job of staying on the beam tonight, and we landed both Tsuks,” Martin County Area mentor LeeAnn Steen said.

In fact, Rebecca Steen and Martha Olson tightly rotated and firmly planted their Tsukaharas to claim the top two spots on the vault with marks of 9.3 and 9.25, respectively.

Paige Kinley, who collected runner-up accolades in the all-around competition with a 35.475, and Trojan teammate Maria Contreras pocketed third and fourth place off the vault table with a 9.1 and an 8.8, respectively. Contreras placed third in the all-around with a total of 32.6.

While Steen and Olson packed a lethal 1-2 scoring punch out of the final two spots in the Magic’s vault rotation, the trio of Mackenzie Betts (8.775), Sydney Leichtnam (8.625) and Maggie Bachenberg (8.325) added solid depth on the judges’ scorecards to help pace the team’s 35.95-34.775 edge over Worthington on the piece of equipment.

Steen then hit a toe-shoot transitional maneuver, a pair of giants and a toe-front dismount to chalk up a first-place score of 8.9 on the uneven parallel bars.

Kinley (8.75), Contreras (7.7) and teammate Stephanie Jaycox (7.65) rounded out the event’s top four finishers.

Steen and Bachenberg then produced bookend top-four showings on both the balance beam and floor exercise to help power the Magic to the team triumph.

Steen netted a 9.25 to claim top honors on the 4 inch-wide apparatus, while Bachenberg transformed a pair of back handsprings into a fourth-place mark of 8.225.

Bachenberg then served as Martin County Area’s catalyst on the floor by meriting an eventual fourth-place total of 8.625 out of the No. 2 spot in the rotation.

Olson tallied an 8.3 out of the No. 3 spot, Lexy Ringnell contributed an 8.5 next, before Steen coasted to the first-place showing with a 9.525 on floor. Steen twisted a perfect double-full to cap her opening tumbling sequence to highlight the highest individual score of the dual meet.

Martin County Area (4-0, 1-0 South Central) plays host to St. Peter on Thursday night in a conference dual meet in Welcome.


MCA 134.275;

Worthington 132.8

All-Around: 1. Rebecca Steen (MCA) 36.975; 2. Paige Kinley (Wor) 35.475; 3. Maria Contreras (Wor) 32.6; 4. Liz Hayenga (Wor) 31.45.

Vault: 1. Steen (MCA) 9.3; 2. Martha Olson (MCA) 9.25; 3. Kinley (Wor) 9.1; 4. Contreras (Wor) 8.8.

Other MCA scores: Mackenzie Betts 8.775; Sydney Leichtnam 8.625; Maggie Bachenberg 8.325.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Steen (MCA) 8.9; 2. Kinley (Wor) 8.75; 3. Contreras (Wor) 7.7; 4. Stephanie Jaycox (Wor) 7.65.

Other MCA scores: S. Leichtnam 7.5; Andrea Thate 7.45; Michaela Twitchell 7.3; Lexy Ringnell 7.0.

Balance Beam: 1. Steen (MCA) 9.25; 2. Kinley (Wor) 8.875; 3. Hayenga (Wor) 8.5; 4. Bachenberg (MCA) 8.225.

Other MCA scores: Betts 7.4; S. Leichtnam 7.35; Brielle Meade 7.3.

Floor Exercise: 1. Steen (MCA) 9.525; 2. Anna Koepsell (Wor) 8.925; 3. Kinley (Wor) 8.75; 4. Bachenberg (MCA) 8.625.

Other MCA scores: Ringnell 8.5; Olson 8.3; Kersten Shantz 7.7.


Martin Co. Area 120.8;

Worthington 115.7

All-Around: 1. Kayla Shantz (MCA) 29.1; 2. Kara Honius (Wor) 29.0; 3. Alyssa Williams (Wor) 28.8; 4. Carsen Wetzel (Wor) 28.0.

Other MCA score: Jenna Steele 27.5.

Vault: 1. Williams (Wor) 8.35; 2. Lexy Ringnell (MCA) 8.3; 3. (tie) Kourtney Bauman (Wor) and Rachel Spartz (Wor) 8.25s; 4. Andrea Thate (MCA) 8.1.

Other MCA scores: Kersten Shantz 8.05; Brielle Meade 8.0; Steele 8.0; Kayla Shantz 7.9; Cara Behrends 7.9; Morgan Wolter 7.6.

Uneven Bars: 1. Maggie Bachenberg (MCA) 7.75; 2. Mackenzie Betts (MCA) 7.7; 3. (tie) Kayla Shantz (MCA) and Martha Olson (MCA) 7.1s; 4. Wetzel (Wor) 7.05.

Other MCA scores: Kersten Shantz 5.7; Steele 5.5; Meade 4.9; Wolter 3.9.

Balance Beam: 1. Brooklyn Leichtnam (MCA) 8.15; 2. Honius (Wor) 6.8; 3. (tie) Bauman (Wor) and Thate (MCA) 6.75s; 4. Williams (Wor) 6.4.

Other MCA scores: Steele 6.3; Kayla Shantz 6.05; Kersten Shantz 6.0; Ringnell 6.0; Behrends 5.9; Grace Mayo 5.3.

Floor Exercise: 1. Kayla Shantz (MCA) 8.05; 2. Meade (MCA) 8.0; 3. (tie) Steele (MCA) and Behrends (MCA) 7.7s; 4. Honius (Wor) 7.5.

Other MCA scores: Sydney Leichtnam 7.4; Thate 7.3; Wolter 6.6; Mayo 6.0.