Bullying may be reduced

To the Editor:

Almost every time there is a school shooting, we later discover that the perpetrator was once a victim of severe bullying and, consequently, low self-esteem. I believe the proposed installation of security cameras at Martin County West schools may be the first and single-most important suggestion that’s been made in the prevention of bullying, as well as the overall protection of our children.

Whether the cameras would be of any significance in the event of an actual shooting is unknown, but I feel their use could help deter the actions of the bullies who are already in our schools. Bullies may not be so quick to throw their weight around if they knew their actions were being recorded.

I removed my daughter from Martin County West due to bullying. Despite the school’s policies, there was no stopping the bullies, and retaliation only made their actions more severe.

I would love to see all of our children safe inside our own homes in online programs, such as the one my daughter is in now, but until then I am more than happy to support the installation of these cameras at Martin County West because I believe they may help prevent the actions of bullies that breed these vengeful, pained and angry individuals.

Pleasure Nelson-Heupel