Truman mulls city goals

TRUMAN – Truman City Council members took time during their first meeting of the year Monday to set goals for 2013 and beyond.

The goals include the long-term, such as completing the storm sewer project within five years, and the short-term, such as hiring a building inspector.

Other items that made the list include devising ways to lower utility bills, increasing recreational opportunities, and finding someone interested in re-opening the grocery store.

New council member Kirsten Bressler implored her colleagues to find a way to ensure that public bathrooms are unlocked and maintained during warmer months, noting it is difficult to take toddlers to play at parks when there are no available bathrooms.

Mayor Lynn Brownlee said it is important to her to maintain the city’s population.

Several board members indicated a desire to see a mini-golf area added to the town.

The issue of creating a city ordinance surrounding the use of golf carts and ATVs also was discussed. Currently there is no rule limiting the vehicles on streets other than on Ciro and Highway 15. The council attempted to regulate their use several years ago, drafting a policy to require users to have a permit to prove insurance coverage and licensing. The ordinance was never approved, however.

In other city business Monday, fire department representatives from Westford, Waverly and Nashville townships, all of whom have a contract with Truman for fire protection, were present to hear an update on financial matters.

Each township pays $150 per section for fire service, along with a $25 per section cost set aside for the purchase of a new fire truck. The city of Truman puts $5,000 into the truck fund each year. As of November, the fund was up to $64,409.

Council members assured the township representatives that the city would not surprise them with a truck purchase, and would try to give them several years notice when it is deemed necessary to buy a different truck.

“The equipment is all in pretty good shape,” said fire chief Brian Nickerson. “There are just a few maintenance items.”