Development group goes mobile

FAIRMONT – “There’s an app for that” is a modern catch phrase. But the Martin County Economic Developments Authority’s website is designed so that no app is necessary if the site is accessed from a mobile phone.

“Instead of having a website and an app, the website is now mobile-friendly,” explained Bryan Stading, an adviser to the development group. “If accessed from the phone, instead of needing to scroll over, it is the size of the phone, and the links are buttons that can be accessed.”

Work on the authority’s?website for mobile phones began last summer, with a launch and revamp in November.

“By December, it was ready to go,” Stading said. “We also have the Google references, so if you look up the courthouse, or the hospital, it takes you there.”

Plans include incorporating all county and cities’ places and events into the website.

“We’d like to leverage all the information with the towns,” Stading said. “Make the events easy to find. If someone is looking for a snowmobile trail, it can bring up every marked trail there is in the county. That’s our goal.”

The website can be found at

In other business Monday, the authority approved a $1,000 donation to the Area Career Exploration event, scheduled for April 10.

Event coordinator Bob Wallace of Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce is encouraging colleges to send their students after the high school portion of the event concludes. ACE wants college students to see the career opportunities available in Fairmont and Martin County.

Wallace also noted the high participation of area businesses, compared to similar events in the region.

“At Worthington, it was more colleges than workplaces,” Wallace said. “For us to have over 100 businesses is pretty remarkable.”