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Swanson will be missed

We consider Roger Swanson of Dunnell to have been a great man. By which we mean he did great things, and he did so with a spirit for life and a respect for others that was commendable.

Swanson passed away last week at the age of 81. He was a farmer, a businessman and a sailing legend. He was beloved by family, friends and neighbors, and respected by everyone else.

We add our condolences to those bearing this loss. We are among those who will not forget the good captain.

States may do better

We can understand the feelings of Republican governors, and their constituents, around the country who are faced with the prospect of setting up health insurance exchanges in their states. These are part of the federal health care law, or Obamacare.

Republicans generally detest the law, as they should. But the law is the law, and if states do not form their own exchanges, their citizens will have to rely on federal versions. That means states would give up control of what could be a vital interest to citizens. States are probably better off retaining control.

Get out of the way

The Internet has created a mess for state and federal license issuers and regulators when it comes to the issue of gaming. State officials are trying to keep the feds out of the matter in Iowa, for instance.

The Internet is amazing in that it has created a world of freedom in many ways. It reaches across state and national borders, bringing information and opportunity with it. Yes, gaming is part of that.

What regulators should learn is that the fight is not worth having. It’s ridiculous to even try. Let people be free to make their own choices.

Have a great new year

It’s 2013, a new year. We want to take a moment to wish everyone in the area the very best for the coming year. We hope it is filled with good health, prosperity and good times for you and your families.

What is written in this opinion column throughout the year is intended to help inform, educate and spark debate, all necessary ingredients for citizens to operate within a democracy. We do believe that what we present in this space is a better vision for a better future. But we understand there are differences of opinion out there, and we respect them. We encourage feedback to help us keep readers informed.