M.C. Area beams by B.E. Area

WINNEBAGO – Junior standout Rebecca Steen captured the only two events she competed on, while freshman teammate Sydney Leichtnam generated 31.5 points in the all-around competition to guide the Martin County Area Magic to a 130.125-127.45 South Central Conference gymnastics victory over the Blue Earth Area Bucs on Thursday night in Winnebago.

Steen, who’s recovering from a severe high ankle sprain, generated an 8.575 to earn top individual honors on the balance beam. In fact, the Magic claimed three of the top four spots on the 4 inch-wide apparatus as Mackenzie Betts chalked up second-place accolades with a 7.875, while Leichtnam claimed fourth place at 7.6.

Steen also merited first place on the uneven parallel bars, generating a winning total of 8.625 for the Magic. Leichtnam, who captured fourth place in her first-ever varsity all-around competition, netted a tie with the Bucs’ Cassie Thompson for third place on the unevens with 7.725s.

Christina Anderson, who won the all-around competition with a score of 32.5, placed second on the unevens with a 7.95, while Buc teammate Haley Resutek netted third on the beam with a 7.7. Resutek claimed runner-up all-around honors with a 32.3, while Thompson finished third overall with a 32.25.

In fact, Thompson earned both the vault and floor exercise crowns on the dual meet. Thompson posted the SCC competition’s only score in the 9-point range to fend off Resutek – 9.0-8.8 – for first place on the vault. Martin County Area’s Martha Olson placed third with an 8.775 off the vault table, while the Bucs’ Anderson netted fourth with an 8.65.

Thomspon reeled off an 8.85 score to pocket the floor crown, while Martha Olson and Magic teammate Maggie Bachenberg shared second-place accolades with a pair of 8.725s. Anderson rounded out the top four finishes on the floor with an 8.5.

Martin County Area competes in the Faribault Invitational on Saturday.

Blue Earth Area plays host to Waseca on Friday, Jan. 11, in Winnebago.


MCA 130.125; BEA 127.45

All-Around: 1. Christina Anderson (BEA) 32.5; 2. Haley Resutek (BEA) 32.3; 3. Cassie Thompson (BEA) 32.25; 4. Sydney Leichtnam (MCA) 31.5.

Vault: 1. Thompson (BEA) 9.0; 2. Resutek (BEA) 8.8; 3. Martha Olson (MCA) 8.775; 4. Anderson (BEA) 8.65.

Other MCA scores: S. Leichtnam 8.45; Mackenzie Betts 8.45; Maggie Bachenberg 8.3; Lexy Ringnell 8.15. Other BEA scores: Erin Olson 8.175; Kayla Schaper 8.0.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Rebecca Steen (MCA) 8.625; 2. Anderson (BEA) 7.95; 3. (tie) S. Leichtnam (MCA) and Thompson (BEA) 7.725s.

Other MCA scores: Andrea Thate 7.475; M. Olson 7.5; Ringnell 7.325. Other BEA scores: Resutek 7.5; Schaper 6.85; E. Olson 5.65.

Balance Beam: 1. Steen (MCA) 8.575; 2. Betts (MCA) 7.875; 3. Resutek (BEA) 7.7; 4. S. Leichtnam (MCA) 7.6.

Other MCA scores: Jenna Steele 7.35; Brielle Meade 7.175. Other BEA scores: Anderson 7.4; Brianna Ziegler 7.15; Schaper 6.95; Thompson 6.675.

Floor Exercise: 1. Thompson (BEA) 8.85; 2. (tie) M. Olson (MCA) and Bachenberg (MCA) 8.725s; 4. Anderson (BEA) 8.5.

Other MCA scores: Ringnell 8.4; S. Leichtnam 7.725; Kersten Shantz 7.5. Other BEA scores: Resutek 8.3; Schaper 7.95; E. Olson 7.7.